We love the creative process that goes into creating an eye-catching animation. We see the unlimited creative potential of 3D graphics, but the software we use is only a tool through which we convey our vision to the recipient.

We want to create timeless projects that, thanks to a well-told story, will stand the test of time. We want our works to be remembered.
Abstract composition made out of stone, cloth and fluid
Photo of the Tektura.Studio team on the sofa


Our studio is located in Łódź, central Poland. We have devoted a lot of work to making the process and communication with the client flawless. We work with clients from all over the world 100% remotely, but our entire team works stationary in the studio. We believe that nothing can replace a creative brainstorm when everyone works in one place.

Also thanks to a great tenant, our studio is regularly expanded with new rooms, which allows us to create new workstations
Photo of the Tektura.Studio team laughing and sitting in front of the computers
Tektura.Studio team sitting at the desk


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