Increase your sales with premium 3D assets of your products.

We help you elevate your marketing activities to the next level.
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You want guaranteed success for your next marketing campaigns. Or you want to see how your product can look like, before it even exists? We create high-end 3D visualizations and animations of your product and packaging, in a blink of an eye. Never again do you have to rely on costly and time-expensive photoshootings and filmsets.
Product Visualizations in realistic spaces and pack shots

Product Visualization

The most effective marketing tool that allows you to take a close look at your product and make it easier to imagine it in the real world.
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3D Modeling of any kind of product

3D Modeling

We model your product with attention to the smallest details. Making it possible to put a 100% accurate copy of your product into virtual spaces.
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3D animations of any product

3D Animation

Showcase your product in action with realistic animations. An easy way to make your customer stop scrolling and engage with your product. Create impressions that last.
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Get more
qualified leads

Save tons of time and money with our 3D Services — Get high quality and state of the art content for all your marketing-channels, to better reach your desired audience, emotionally connect with your customers and get overall more qualified leads.
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Increase your brand awareness

Bring out the hidden potential of your products by presenting them in stylish and realistic scenes. Make people identify your brand with premium standard, so that they can fully trust the quality of what you offer.
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Make a first impression that lasts

Play on emotions of your customers with highly aesthetic and mood enhancing visuals. Nothing sells like emotions. That warm, cozy feeling you get when looking at our works is the same one that will convince your clients into buying your products.
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"Having Tektura as a supplier assures me about the success of Flügger’s upcoming campaigns. The materials I’ve received were of the highest quality, and they were all sent in time for the publication. High responsivity of the whole team, and the pleasant atmosphere during all calls and meetings made the whole project that much easier to manage.
We recommend highly :)"
Karolina Tomczak - Head of Social Media at
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"The company tektura render has a very good and fast customer service. The quality of the 3D products is professional and realistic. A very reliable partner."
Jasmin Celik - Marketing Specialist
Logo of the client Tente
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“Big thanks to Tektura. They are real experts and know how to achieve impressive results. Thanks to them we were able to refresh our brand-image and finally reach our desired audiences in a profitable and sustainable way. I don’t know where we’d be without them.”
Alec Korkuc - Head of Social Media at
Logo of the onlineshop client eurotrader

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We don’t just bluntly work through your project, but we love to make genuine and deep relationships. Your project’s success is our success. And only healthy relationships can achieve great results.
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