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Marketing Animation

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Marketing Animation



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Creative Direction

Chris Gil
Witold Markiewicz


Mateusz Barański
Kuba Pawłowski
Błażej Dolot
Jakub Szubka
Andrzej Czerwiński


The animation you saw above shows our main services that we provide to our clients. Although we made it for ourselves, an example of this implementation is very helpful in understanding what the process of creating such videos looks like. Therefore, we wanted to share it with you and I will try to describe the case study below.

Perhaps it will help some of you? :)

It all started with choosing assumptions, what we care about in the animation - which we mainly want to show. We made a moodboard to give the main direction. The whole team participated in the brainstorming session in order to know at an early stage what we would be doing in each subsequent one.

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