Lavita - bottle animation

Liquid simulation

Lavita - bottle animation

Our task in this project was to create a photorealistic animation showing a suage of product. In this case it is micronutrient concentrate from La Vita gmhb. In this project we show a bottle from which the liquid will be poured, then the liquid will be mixed in a glass with water. We knew right away that we would be dealing with a fluid simulation here, which made us euphoric, because such orders are always interesting. The client wanted the animation to be inserted on his website as a sequence of images that would play in the background until clients scrolled his page. After receiving a brief we started by creating a storyboard based on it.

Based on the storyboard, we created an animatic - simple sketch animation, which allowed us to determine how much time specific shots will take. This allowed us to easily estimate which scenes need to be shortened and which ones should be lengthened.

When we agreed with the client that everything was going in the right direction, we started to try on light and materials. In this case, the client wanted a minimalistic and bright composition that would fit the new version of the website.

When the beginning of the scene was visible, we could move on to the next stage. We started the most difficult matter - fluid simulation. LaVita has a very specific consistency. It is a bit like carrot juice, but a bit more sticky like honey. For convenience, however, our initial setup was to simulate a fluid like water.

Developing the correct fluid parameters was the biggest part of our work and required many hours of work by our graphic designers. Consistency was not the only challenge. Each liquid has its own transparency, color and velvety, which must be properly set to reflect reality as much as possible. The client took an active part in this work. As he knew the product best, he helped us to make the final effect reflect the reality perfectly. We also tweaked the details related to the right time trial and made minor changes.

Ultimately, an image was created in which the textures, light, movement and of course the liquid itself looked like the client had requested. Thanks to this, he was able to enrich his website and target the imagination of his clients more accurately. We will be pleased to remember our cooperation with LaVita. Cheers!

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