How can 3D Animation Help Your Marketing?

3D Animations of your product gives you great opportunities. In this article you will find out why.

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By now everybody has seen at least a snippet of a 3D animated video. We all know and love Pixar and Disney animated films, and most of us understand their enormous success. But the use of 3D animation in marketing might still seem a little unnecessary for most. This is exactly why this article aims to explain the biggest advantages of using 3D animated commercials.

Reach your goals on social media

There is no denying that nothing stops thumbs like an animation. They immediately catch the audience's attention. They simply are eye-catching. But they can also hold the attention long enough to sell your product or an idea you wanted to convey. They most likely will like and share the animation to spread the word, if they like the product or the idea, and sometimes even those two do not matter if the animation itself is cool enough. So even a person uninterested with your company might share your ad. This can work miracles for you, since he can bring it to a broader audience that will perhaps find interest with what you have to sell. But none of it would have happened if  instead of the animation they would see a chunk of text that they would simply scroll over.

Explain complicated concepts in an easy to consume way

Sometimes a simple “buy me” message is just not enough. It may happen that you will need to explain a whole complex concept to your audience or your employees. And if that concept is really important to the future of your company, god forbid you try to use written description. Everyone would skip on it. Maybe even you will not read it. A well structured informational video, or an explainer video like some call it, is more than ideal for such an occasion. It is engaging enough to keep the viewer interested till the very end, it easily slips the information into their heads, working on their subconsciousness, so they would learn everything they need to know, effortlessly. 

Showcase product features vividly

Not everyone might know what your product is capable of. Its features and functions might be hard to describe, or show on a picture, but if a person sees it in action, he will have zero doubts about how he can use it. Thanks to the freedom 3D animation tools give, there are no limits as to what can be shown. Even the most abstract concepts can be explained visually with a bit of creative thinking and 3D animation skills. 

Connect better with your audience

Animation allows for a use of one of the most influential tools in human history - storytelling. A well told story lets you connect with the audience on a personal and emotional level, and nothing sells better than emotions. Can you recall a commercial that made you laugh, shed your tears, or made you excited? If the answer is yes, and I bet it is, you can see for yourself the advantage you can get on everyone else that uses simple “buy me cheap” slogans.

Save yourself from stress, losing money and time

When making a video commercial you can either choose to make a live-action video, or an animation. And in that comparison the latter will always be more cost-effective, since you do not need to have a whole film crew on your payroll, along with fees for locations, props, and lighting equipment. It also prevents you from dealing with unnecessary stress, since on a movie time quite literally is money. Everyone is in a hurry, and if you like it or not, this combined stress will also affect your wellbeing.

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